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Are You Ready for the AI Automation Apocalypse?

The AI Summit Guild (a 1-day online conference dedicated to AI automation testing) took place May 30th 2018.  But you can still purchase the fully recorded event to  help you discover the future of automation in testing and how to prepare for it.

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We have partnered with the Artificial Intelligence for Software Testing (AIST) association to bring you this first of its kind summit.

 Join some of the top AI testing industry insiders as they share with you their vision for AI/ML and testing.

All without the need for expensive travel or a fallout shelter.

2018 LINEUP 

Tariq King Headshot

Tariq King - A Vision of Self-Testing Systems.


Testing practitioners are leveraging advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for automated testing—an area that still requires significant manual effort. 

Some vendors provide services that use intelligent agents to perform system-level black box testing. These agents explore the application user interface, discover flows, exercise functionality, track performance, assess usability and more. However, validating software from the outside only represents half of the testing story.

A significant portion of modern software testing targets the internal structure of the software. During development software, engineers test individual components and any dependency relationships between them. Continuous integration and deployment pipelines are set up to validate code changes and prevent bugs from being introduced into the previously tested code.

Tariq King believes that for AI-driven testing to become mainstream, vendors must provide a holistic solution that addresses validation from both the outside-in and the inside-out. In other words, the software will have to be designed with testing as an integral part of the system. Furthermore, the need for self-testing will grow as more and more systems are designed with AI and ML features that make them difficult or even impossible to adequately test before release.

Join Tariq as he shares a vision of systems that can adapt and learn from their environment, detect issues or problems at runtime, and heal themselves with little or no intervention. See a demo of how autonomous and intelligent testing agents work today, and then take a journey into the future of AI-driven self-testing systems.

Dan Belcher

Dan Belcher (Mabl) - Your Career the "Era of Intelligent QA"


This is an exciting time for QA. We are becoming more agile to match the accelerating pace of development. Innovations in artificial intelligence and elsewhere promise to make our teams more effective. We are making significant investments in automation as our teams move toward continuous delivery. 

Taken together, these shifts represent a significant step forward for our profession and the software industry at large, but they will also fundamentally change the nature of QA and the roles that we play within our teams.

In this session, we'll highlight how QA roles and skill sets are likely to evolve in the coming years and how you can prepare for a successful career in the coming Era of Intelligent QA.

Angie Jones (Twitter) - Show and Tell: Explain Machine Learning to Me Like I'm Five


For many, Machine Learning and AI are nothing more than buzz words. However, machine learning is a realized form of AI that is currently being utilized by top tech companies in products that we use every day. For this reason, it’s important that we understand how this works and what vulnerabilities we should we aware of as testers.

In this session, we’ll stay away from all the fancy jargon, and instead look at a demonstration of machine learning in action. The demo will provide insight into the ‘magic’ of machine learning in a way that’s simple enough for a five-year-old to understand.

After completing this session, you will have learned
the basic fundamentals of machine learning and how it works vulnerabilities of machine learning that you can look for as a tester


Jason Arbon (Test.AI) - AI for User Flow Verification


The most significant challenge for app teams in today’s Agile, Continuous Integration (CI), and DevOps driven world is just making sure the app still works like it did yesterday. There isn’t enough time to manually test each build, let alone craft test automation. Even when teams do try to test, it adds days of delay and hundreds of thousands of dollars of cost, and app teams still aren’t happy with the results. 

Jason shows how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will solve this problem at scale. Learn how AI can be taught the most critical user flows in your app and how the AI can verify that each new build still works without regressions in functionality or performance. Better, the AI, just like a human, can deal with variances in the design of flow the app--the AI focuses on user intent like logging in, searching, sharing, selling or buying. Better yet, AI verification systems, just like humans, can run on more than one app, so app teams can merely borrow user flow tests written by other groups.

AI is ushering a new world free of most mundane and expensive testing and grants early adopters with a lower risk, faster ship, and Agile cycle. AI will soon be your favorite teammate. See how AI can do all the tedious work so you can focus on the fun stuff.

Geoff Meyer

Geoff Meyer (Dell) - A Testing Journey in The Age of Smart Assistants


The hype surrounding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and it's clarion call for automating away processes, tasks and jobs has reached deafening levels. Even in our world of Engineering, consultants are beginning to inundate us with solutions that we may or may not need, but that sound really cool nonetheless. We find ourselves having to sort out fact from fiction and due to our own cognitive biases towards "the next big thing", often underestimate the effort in assessing the viability and feasibility of these new practices. And while it's up to us to establish our own relevant reality, a little help along the way never hurts.

After coming across the World Quality Report 2016-17, the Dell EMC Server division embarked on their Test Analytics journey in late 2016. Geoff shares the "in-progress" journey at DellEMC as they increasingly enhance their testing practices with the application of data-driven smart assistants: powered by Analytics and Machine Learning. At a macro level, Geoff identifies opportunities across the Product Engineering and Test landscape for the application of Analytics and AI. He then breaks down the process of experimentation, staffing and implementation that his team approached these new opportunities with. Geoff then drills-down into the smart assistants they've created for their testing processes: 'Q" and "JARVIS", which predict high-value test configurations and high-value regression test suites when time is not on their side. Most importantly, Geoff provides insights on the activities you should ensure get the highest levels of attention and those that you might want to de-prioritize to later phases of your own Analytics and AI journey.

Oren Headshot

Oren Rubin (TestIm) - Using AI to Solve the Quality/Velocity Dilemma


In the digital era, where every bug hurts your business, organizations are forced to trade off between faster time to market and flawless user experience. Can AI resolve this conflict? AI is affecting almost every domain, including quality assurance, which is currently one of the biggest the bottlenecks in achieving CI/CD. In this talk, we will discuss the reasons for this tension and drill down into some specific challenges around creating stable, scalable test automation. We will show how applying artificial intelligence is helping engineering organizations achieve quality-velocity balance today and how autonomous testing will change the way software will be developed in the future.

Key takeaways:
Test automation challenges inhibiting CI/CD
How AI can help overcome these challenges
The future of test automation

End of day roundtable


Adam Carmi

Adam Carmi (Co-Founder and CTO at Applitools) Roundtable Expert

Noemi Ferrera (Netease Games) Roundtable Expert

Jonathon Wright

Jonathon Wright (Automation Cyborg) Roundtable Expert




We've brought the best speakers in the world to bring you the knowledge you need to stay ahead of the curve in testing. 



You need to keep learning. One of the most rewarding ways to do this is by attending conferences. Unfortunately, sometimes it's difficult to make it to a conference due to travel costs, the price of the conference ticket, or your ability to take time off. Save yourself heaps of time by not having to travel to a conference and try to be able to fit it into your busy schedule.



At traditional conferences many times you end up missing a session you really wanted to attend. Or you forgot something that the presenter mentioned. Watch each session as many times as you like!
So you will be able to listen to the talks at your own pace.



Not just powerpoint presentations - real world examples. Our goal is to have as many high quality screen share sessions where the presenter is actually showing real world examples rather than high level slides.



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What other conference offers an actual guarantee? 

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But don’t take our word for it. 

Listen to what past Guild members have to say:

I enjoyed the automation guild, made a stack of notes, then implemented nearly code-less automation in just 90 days! ~ Nick Baynham

This has been probably the best "training money" I have ever spent in my 18 years with Deere and 15 years with the DoD. ~ Stevenson Randy

As a tester but also as a mom of two young children, the Automation Guild Conference was the perfect format for me. I can listen to the speakers at the [most convenient] time for me, and having the videos available to refer back to any time is awesome ~ Comment left in a  anonymous Guild survey 

Of all the online test automation conferences or tech conferences, I've attended, this is the first one that didn't suck and that I actually enjoyed! -   Dave Haeffner  Author of The Selenium Guidebook 

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